Raw Hemp Extract Oil

•500mg: £25.95
•1000mg: £40.95
•2000mg: £70.95
CBD+CBDa –10ml

•1. Natural Hemp
•2. Peppermint

•CBD Quantity:
500mg /1000Mg /2000Mg
•CBD Concentration:
5% / 10% / 20%
•CBD Per Drop:
2.5mg/5Mg CBD
•Extract Type:
Broad Spectrum
Light Golden
MCT Oil, Hemp Extract (Flavouring)
Suggested Serving:
(2/5 drops)- 12.5mg preferably before bed to help you
Servings: 40

Our raw hemp extract oil @sporttherapypt is the perfect all-rounder for new and experienced users alike.

Our raw oil has a darker appearance with a peppery like taste due to the presence of the natural hemp terpene, Beta-caryophyllene. There are approximately 200 drops in each bottle!

How to use it:
Taken ‘sublingually’, shake well, drop 1 serving (2/5 Drops) under the tongue and hold for 1-2 minutes before swallowing.

Best taken with a meal. It can be taken with or without food but preferably prior to a meal as it may lower your blood sugar!The absorption under the tongue through capillaries allows the CBD to get directly into the bloodstream.

*** Please note: Full spectrum products may give a false positive on drug tests due to small traces of THC. Users who are regularly drug tested may want to consider a broad spectrum or isolate based product. Don’t use this products while you are pregnant, driving or operating heavy machinery!***

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